I find that I often get asked a few questions that are very similar, so I thought it might be a good idea to add an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to my website!

That doesn't mean I don't want to answer your questions! I love getting emails, texts or phone calls from people that have a burning question so please feel free to contact me. I can't promise to have answers to the meaning of life but I'll do my best to answer any questions you have about the services I offer :)

So here's a few 'frequently asked questions'

1. Where is your studio?
I don't have one!  although I can easily hire one if it's what you want.

I prefer to work on location, using natural light, flash or a combination of the both the get the type of photographs you are looking for. I love working in locations such as parks, manor houses, urban areas or the clients office or home. If you have somewhere in mind then just let me know.

2. Can you really do a photoshoot in my home or office?
It really depends on what type of photos you are looking for.  It probably won’t be easy photographing 12 people in the average home so a location shoot might be a better idea!  but maternity and baby shoots are often best done in your own home, where you and your bump/baby feel most comfortable.

3. Will we meet up before the day of the photo shoot?
If you'd like to chat about the shoot before hand then we can certainly meet up :)

If it’s a home or office shoot then I can either come to you or we can meet up somewhere for a coffee. If it’s an outdoor lifestyle shoot and you have a location in mind we could always meet there and grab a coffee (I love coffee, can you tell?) while we get to know each other and chat about the type of images you want from your shoot.

Obviously if we're hundreds or thousands of miles apart then it might make it a little more difficult to arrange a meeting but we can usually work something out.

4. What should I/we wear?
If it’s a home or office shoot you can wear literally anything you want but I’d always advise that it’s something you feel comfortable in and usually something that makes you feel good about yourself.
If it’s an outdoor shoot then you’ll obviously dress for the weather on the day, which can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds with some of our weather! but again the same rules apply, something comfortable that you feel good in.
If it’s a family or group shoot don’t worry to much about matching each other (unless you particularly want that look) but at the same time remember you might not get the photos you’re after if some of you are dressed formal and others are dressed for the beach :)

If it’s a baby shoot and they can’t yet sit up on their own try to avoid putting them in clothes that are going to ride up or scrunch up too much. Usually one piece outfits are best and make sure you have spares in case of little accidents. 

Newborns are easy because they usually have most photos in their birthday suits! just try not to put anything tight on them (even their nappies!) an hour or so before the shoot :)

5. What happens if it rains during an outdoor shoot?
My motto is expect rain then if or when it does rain it won’t spoil a thing because you’re ready for it!
Unless there’s not a cloud in the sky I’d advise that you have at the very least a brolly with you even if you just leave it in the car. Even if there aren’t any clouds you can bet I’ll still have a brolly or two in the car!
To be honest though it rarely rains all day and even if it does it’s not usually heavy non stop rain so with a brolly or two, wellies for kids and some trees, bridges or whatever other cover we can find it’ll all turn out fine. Mind you I usually end up getting soaked but I’m not the one in the photos so I wouldn’t worry about that.

If the weather is truly horrendous and you think it’ll spoil your day then we can just re-arrange it for another day, no problem :)