Hi :)

I'm a portrait photographer who's also been known to shoot the occassional event here and there!

I'm married to Sammy, the most gorgeous and understanding woman I've ever met (she told me to write that! ok she didn't but I can see her now tutting and shaking her head disapprovingly when she reads this! lol) She has the patience of a saint, even when it's gone past stupid-o'clock at night and I'm still working. We've got 4 beautiful kids, all of which are nutters in their own unique ways. I love them all to bits and they seem to like me, especially when they're after something :)

I love coffee, no seriously I looove the stuff! I keep trying to drink tea (isn't it supposed to be healthier?) but I'm just a coffee man at heart. I generally need 2 or 3 cups on a morning before you'll get any sort of sense out of me, although Sammy tells me I don’t make much sense at anytime of the day!

I'd love nothing better than for you to have a look around and if there's anything you like (or don't) then please leave me a comment or email me :)

Thanks for stopping by.